Gospel of Matthew Chapter 24 verses 1-28

  Gospel of Matthew Chapter 24 verses 1-28 (Note: Matthew Chapters 24 & 25, also known as “The Olivet Discourse” (See Chart on back) relates mostly to the nation, Israel, and not necessarily the church –  though it has many applications.)   Verses 1-5

  1. Why did the Disciples point out all the buildings to Jesus? (See Matthew 23:38), and what did Jesus say when they did so? What three questions do the disciples ask and what warning does Jesus give to His Disciples?


  1. Personal: If you could know your future, how would you use this information? Explain.

Verses 6-13 (Note: Verse 9 is the beginning of when the remainder of Chapter 24 directly applies to Israel.)

  1. In verses 6-8 what does our Lord say will take place? Has the world already experienced many of these things? What does He mean by “beginning of birth pains”?


  1. In verses 9-12, how does Jesus describe what will happen to the Jews? In verse 10, Jesus describes the full hatred against Israel – how has this, and how is this, hatred already in existence?


  1. Personal: Are you racially prejudiced? No; A little; It depends; Somewhat. Yes. Explain.   Also what do you know about Jewish people? What do you wish you knew?

Verses 14-18 (Note:‘the abomination that causes desolation” points to the day when Antichrist will declare himself as God.)

  1. What will be “preached in the whole world”, and who will do this? (See Revelation 7:4) When “‘the abomination that causes desolation” takes place what does Jesus warn the Jews to do?


  1. Personal: If disaster was coming upon you, what things would you grab to take with you? Why?

Verses 19-22 (Note: In verse 21, “great distress” should be “great tribulation”.)

  1. For whom does Jesus say that that it will be “dreadful”? Why?  Why prayer does Jesus sa to pray at this time and why? (Remember they are Jews.)


  1. How bad will things be in this world during this time? What does Jesus say is the mercy of God to mankind? (Verse 22)

Verses 23-28

  1. How does Christ warn the Jews about the kinds of religious leaders will there be in the world and what are they not to do?


  1. How does Jesus describe His Second Coming? (Verse 27) What does He mean by, “Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather”? (See Revelation 19:17-18)


  1. Personal: Do you believe you will go through this period called “the Great Tribulation”? Explain.  What about your family members or friends? What can you do to help them possibly avoid this “Great Tribulation”?  (See Romans 10:12-14)

Chart Source: Thru the Bible, Vol. 4: Matthew-Romans– January 24, 1994; by Dr. J. Vernon McGee


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